Aluminum Melting Furnace

Aluminum Melting Furnace

  • By: Faridabad Furnace Manufacturer Pvt. Ltd.
  • 12 December, 2018

It may not be possible to cater the needs of different industries by any single furnace. Different industries have diverse requirements based on their nature and scope of process. Specialized furnaces to perform a specific task are there to fulfill the demands of critical needs of modern industries. Widely used industrial furnaces are sturdy in construction and design to deliver optimum output without much of maintenance.

One such furnace designed to serve a variety of industrial requirement is Aluminum Melting Furnace.

Though specific in name, this is capable of handling quite a few metals. Well insulated to conserve heat distribution to be homogeneous these furnaces improve the overall length of service of the crucibles. The aluminum melting furnaces are manufactured in variety of capacities and supported by numerous other added components to improve the heat distribution for containing other metals like iron, chromium etc.

Common features of Aluminum furnace are many. For melting aluminum, heating elements are different. The heating is steady and uniform and have digital controllers with indicators. It is easy to install, operate and maneuver and the crucible replacement is easy. The insulation ensures the preservation and uniform distribution of heat. Electrical furnace consists of Swing top cover with lateral displacement for easy operation.

Electric and Gas Fired are the main two types of Aluminum Melting Furnaces. These furnaces consist of the main vessel to hold the molten aluminum and the top, surrounding wall structure are with many electrical resistance-heating elements to maintain the temperature of the molten aluminum. Aluminum to be melted are fed into the charging well which is submerged in the molten aluminum and periodically charges into the main vessel without splashing molten material upon heating elements.

The molten aluminum housed in the chamber from where heat conducted through the molten aluminum and is utilized to melt the charge of fresh feed. The molten metal flows through a submerged opening from the heating chamber into a hot metal well from where hot metal is withdrawn.

Gas Fired Aluminum Melting Furnace design is different. It produces a flat flame pattern promoting uniform heating from the top end. The heat distribution is even and the firing controlled in proportion to the heat requirement. The idea is energy saving and a modulated sequence controller will meticulously does the job, controlling the variable speed blower installed as an integral part. Because of the optimum air fuel mixer the firing modulated to maintain the temperature needed using just the right fuel requirement and still keeping molten condition. Installation of this furnace is quite easy as the combustion train and junction box are all mounted on top of the roof as integral components giving ample floor space. A pneumatic roof opening system will facilitate easy access to the heating chamber for fluxing and cleaning.

The applications are mostly in foundries for casting, melting alloys, refining various other metals. Among industrial furnaces, these are the early innovations updated constantly to suit the ever-increasing demands of the metallurgical industry. These types are still used successfully for optimum results.

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