Copper Melting Hydraulic Tilting Crucible Furnace Manufacturers from India

Copper Melting Hydraulic Tilting Crucible Furnace

Faridabad Furnaces Pvt. Ltd. presents a vast variety of furnaces in India. Being located in Haryana, many other states and industrial regions have the benefit to having us around. Not only we are specialized in manufacturing aluminium furnace, but even we are also very well experienced in designing copper melting hydraulic tilting crucible furnace. In our company, the strength of the employees is 40, who have enormous knowledge and experience about the product development and raw material.

Copper melting hydraulic tilting crucible furnace is designed by our professionals in an efficient manner so that it can overcome high temperature; sustain durability and gives utmost outcomes.

Hydraulic tilting crucible furnace job is to extract copper in its finest state without leaving any particle in the furnace chamber. The heat and pressure are maintained by the technician so that even the process could be carried without and failure. This type of furnace is suitable for the industries that deal in copper wires, batteries, copper-based products.

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