Lead Smelting Blast Furnace (Temple Furnace) Manufacturers from India

Lead Smelting Blast Furnace (Temple Furnace)

We are the reputed and reliable lead smelting blast furnace (temple furnace) in India located in Faridabad, Haryana. This is a plant used for the production of lead. Sintering is the process that produces primary lead. Lead smelting is done by using concentrated lead ore and put them in a sintering machine including iron as well as silica, caustic, zinc etc. high temperature is set to remove pure lead from the device like a battery. However, lead smelting blast furnace (temple furnace) is used ideally in every industry that uses lead for the production of certain products.

Our expert team is dedicated to designing furnace according to the size and technical aspects demanded by the client. We even keep the standard size blast furnace that you can buy immediately from our outlet.

With us, you will gain tremendous satisfaction and a mutual relationship which will allow you to maintain the functions of the furnace operational. Our engineers are ready to serve you before and even after-sales.

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